SPEEDUP Society Overview

Speedup activities

The main activity of the SPEEDUP Society is the organization of an annual Workshop on high performance computing and related issues. The SPEEDUP workshops alternate in addressing a variety of sciences or research fields; molecular dynamics, environmental impacts, bioinformatics, and industrial applications are just some examples of the main topics. Although emphasis is put on applications requiring high-end resources, other types of compute- and data-intensive applications are certainly not excluded.


Speedup has been a forum for high performance computing in Switzerland since 1987. In March 1993, the Speedup Society was founded in Cadro (Ticino). The committee is elected by the general assembly of the members of the society which takes place at the workshop.

The society is guided by the SPEEDUP Committee which presently consists of the following persons:

Prof. Rolf Krause (President)
Università della Svizzera italiana
Dr. Simone Deparis (Vice President)
EPF Lausanne
Dr. Andreas Adelmann
PSI, Villigen
Prof. Peter Arbenz
ETH Zurich
Prof. Helmar Burkhart
University of Basel
Prof. Bastien Chopard
University of Geneva
Prof. Jan S Hesthaven
EPF Lausanne
Dr. Ales Janka (Cashier)
EIA Fribourg
Prof. Henrik Nordborg
HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil
Dr. Vittoria Rezzonico
EPF Lausanne
Prof. Olaf Schenk
University of Lugano
Prof. Joost VandeVondele
ETH Zurich

Contact Information

Prof. Rolf Krause

LAB - Glass Building, Office 401 (Level 4)
Via Buffi 13
6904 Lugano
Phone   +41 58 666 4309
E-mail: e-mail contact