Contents SPEEDUP Journal Volume 11, Number 1


Proceedings, 21st Workshop, March 13-14, 1997, Cadro-Lugano

Topic: Distributed Computing: HPC Capabilities at the Desk-Top for Everybody

Why High Speed Computing in Switzerland?
Prof. Dr. Urs Hochstrasser
A Framework for Distributed Application Generation
Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Mark A. Byford and Philip Treleaven
Enabling a PC Cluster for High-Performance Computing
Hermann Hellwagner, Wolfgang Karl and Markus Leberecht
NetSolve: A Network Server for Solving Computational ScienceProblems
Henri Casanova and Jack Dongarra
The CrunchServer Project: Proof of Concept for anIntranet-based Computational Chemistry Environment
Peter F. Flükiger, Stefan Brode, Diana Sattel, Michael Schlenkrich and Horst Vollhardt
Mechanisms for High Throughput Computing
Miron Livny, Jim Basney, Rajesh Raman and Todd Tannenbaum
Tele-Education on the Web: The Web SlideShow
Angelo Mangili and Nicola Pedrozzi
A Distributed Scheduler for the GENESISe Simulation System
Matthias Neeracher, Christian Clémençon and Roland Rühl
Client-Server Computing with Parallel Servers: Principlesand Architecture
Gerald Pretot
Distributed HPC and CORBA - Silver Bullet or JustMiddleware?
Lutz Richter
RVSLIB: A Library for Concurrent Network Visualization ofLarge-Scale Unsteady Simulation
Shun Doi, Hideki Matsumoto, Toshifumi Takei, Yukinori Akiba and Bert C. Schultheiss
A Distributed Object-Oriented Environment for InteractiveScientific Computing
Longsong Lin, Karsten M. Decker, Christophe Domain and Mark J. Johnson