Until the 24th SPEEDUP workshop, the SPEEDUP Journal published articles presented at the SPEEDUP Workshops, special interest articles as well as information related to High-Performance Computing (HPC). The journal had a circulation of over 2'500 copies with subscribers in the public sector and more and more readers from business enterprises.

Electronic Notes in Future Generation Computer Systems

Beginning with the 29th Workshop in Bern, the Electronic Notes in Future Generation Computer Systems (ENFGCS) serve as the proceedings of the workshop. ENFGCS is a fully electronic journal that is tied to the paper journal Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS). The journals are published by Elsevier. The authors of best articles of the proceedings are invited by the editors of ENFGCS to elaborate their work for publication in FGCS.

From 1987 to 1992, Roland Henzi served as the editor of the SPEEDUP Journal. After the establishment of the Swiss Scientific Computing Center Centro Svizzero die Calcolo Scientifico (CSCS) in Fall 1991, Ralf Gruber and Alfred Scheidegger took over the responsibility for the SPEEDUP Journal in early 1992, followed by Karsten M. Decker, CSCS/SCSC, in Spring 1995, Martin H. Gutknecht, ETH Zurich, in Spring 1998, and Peter Arbenz, ETH Zurich, in Spring 2001.

SPEEDUP Journal Index

Volume 12, Number 2
HPC Applications in Natural Sciences and Engineering
Proceedings, 24th Workshop, September 24-25, 1998, Bern
Volume 12, Number 1
Vector and Parallel Computing in Process Engineering
Proceedings, 23rd Workshop, March 19 - 20, 1998, Zurich
Volume 11, Number 2
Parallelism & Telecommunications
Proceedings, 22nd Workshop, September 18-19, 1997, Lausanne
Volume 11, Number 1
Distributed Computing: HPC Capabilities at the Desk-Top for Everybody
Proceedings, 21st Workshop, March 13-14, 1997, Cadro-Lugano
Volume 10, Number 1/2
Applications in Chemistry
Proceedings, 19th Workshop, March 14-15, 1996, Basel
Traffic and Process Simulation
Proceedings, 20th Workshop, September 20, 1996, Geneva
Volume 9, Number 2
Industrial and Business Applications of High-Performance Computing
Proceedings, 18th Workshop, September 21-22, 1995, Zurich
Volume 9, Number 1
Hardware and Software Trends in High-performance Computing
Proceedings, 17th Workshop, March 16-17, 1995, Cadro-Lugano
Volume 8, Number 2
Applications on Massively Parallel Systems
Proceedings, 16th Workshop, September 22-23, 1994, Basel
Volume 8, Number 1
Visualization and Networking
Proceedings, 15th Workshop, March 17-18, 1994, Cadro-Lugano
Volume 7, Number 2 (out of print)
Applications on Massively Parallel Systems
Proceedings, 14th Workshop, September 10-11, 1993 Zurich
Volume 7, Number 1
Industrial and Commercial Applications
Proceedings, 13th Workshop, March 18-19, 1993, Paradiso-Lugano
Volume 6, Number 2
Molecular Dynamics and Massively Parallel Computing
Proceedings, 12th Workshop, September 10-11, 1992, Chexbres-Lausanne
Volume 6, Number 1
CSCS in the Nineties
Proceedings, 11th Workshop, March, 1992, Agno-Lugano